Little Treats

Miss Mary sweethearts

Little Treats

Miss Mary sweethearts

This collection of tablets of different origin gives you the ultimate experience of real Belgian chocolate. The collection includes exclusive flavour profiles selected according to their unique and differentiating bouquet of aromas. This intense treat will delight the taste buds of all chocolate lovers. Net wt.: 350g.

What you will find inside

*This list of chocolates is meant to be indicative. Box contents may vary depending on available stock. The number of pieces depends on the size and/or weight of the box ordered.

Dark chocolate from Uganda

Dark chocolate 80% - 70g

Dark chocolate from Vietnam

Dark chocolate 73% - 70g

Dark chocolate from Mary’s hacienda Maya cacao criollo in Mexico

Dark chocolate 80% - 70g

Milk chocolate from Venezuela

Milk chocolate 43% - 70g

Milk chocolate from Costa Rica

Milk chocolate 38% - 70g

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