Little Treats

Cello Napolitains 9x3

Little Treats

Cello Napolitains 9x3

This box contains a varied assortment of twenty-seven chocolate squares. Individually wrapped and presented in an elegant box, these tasting squares will go perfectly with your coffee. Net wt.: 121.5g.

What you will find inside

*This list of chocolates is meant to be indicative. Box contents may vary depending on available stock. The number of pieces depends on the size and/or weight of the box ordered.

Napolitains noir amandes salées

Dark chocolate garnished with salted almond pieces

Napolitains noir Earl Grey

Earl Grey-flavored dark chocolate

Napolitains noir orange

Orange-flavored dark chocolate

Napolitains lait

Milk chocolate

Napolitains lait café

Coffee-flavored milk chocolate

Napolitains lait nougatine

Milk chocolate garnished with pieces of brittle

Napolitains noir 70%

Dark chocolate 70%

Napolitains noir 88%

Dark chocolate 88%

Napolitains lait caramel au beurre salé

Milk chocolate garnished with pieces of salted butter caramel

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