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Fleurs des champs

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Fleurs des champs

Under the soft glow of the sun, the birds sing at the top of their lungs and the bees forage in the flowering fields: spring has arrived. In this floral harmony, our brand new "Fleurs des Champs" box emerges like a wild bouquet, offering a symphony of delicate flavors. Each praline, like a nugget of happiness, celebrates floral notes such as vanilla, tonka bean and Earl Grey tea. Fruity touches brighten up the whole, with the freshness of citrus, the sweetness of raspberry and the exoticism of passion. Like a playful stroll through the prairies, this limited-edition box set invites you on a sensory journey, capturing the enchanting spirit of spring in every bite. Net Weight: 250g. Allergens: lactose, tree nuts, soy and sesame. Cross-contamination: gluten, lactose, tree nuts, peanuts, soy and sesame.

What you will find inside

*This list of chocolates is meant to be indicative. Box contents may vary depending on available stock. The number of pieces depends on the size and/or weight of the box ordered.

Mary Xmas

pecan caramel and speculoos chips

Jingle bell

praliné "à l'ancienne" on tangerine jelly


Dark chocolate and ground coffee ganache

My Lady

Dark chocolate ganche (68% bitterness)

Le siècle

Cappuccino ganache and mascarpone white chocolate mousse


Almond paste


Almond paste garnished with candied orange peels


Dark chocolate ganache (48% bitterness)


Cheesecake white chocolate ganache


Hazelnut praline with pieces of brittle


Almond praline


Almond praline


Milk chocolate and ground coffee ganache


Dark chocolate mousse and orange jelly


Dark chocolate ganache (48% bitterness)


Ganache with raspberry pulp


Hazelnut praliné


Hazelnut praliné with puffed rice


Almond paste with nuts, garnished with a walnut kernel

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