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Boîte ronde truffes n°2

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Boîte ronde truffes n°2

This box contains a varied assortment of Mary’s best truffles. Savor the fine and intense aromas of these exquisite chocolate shells with a soft chocolate filling. Nestled in a circle in their classic, elegant tin, these truffles will transport you to a world of lightness. Net wt.: 450g.

What you will find inside

*This list of chocolates is meant to be indicative. Box contents may vary depending on available stock. The number of pieces depends on the size and/or weight of the box ordered.


Almond praline sprinkled with toasted almonds

Truffe coco

Almond praline sprinkled with candied coconut flakes


Hazelnut praliné sprinkled with hazelnut pieces

Truffe cappuccino

Coffee-flavored fresh cream sprinkled with cocoa

Truffe fruits des bois

Dark chocolate mousse with berry pulp, sprinkled with milk chocolate flakes


Dark chocolate mousse sprinkled with cocoa

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